Program Details

The Bridge to the Future Rites of Passage is a five to eight-month program for youth ages 14-18 focusing on self-awareness, team building, wellness, etiquette, cultural awareness, financial planning, public speaking and community outreach.  Each month engaging workshops are led by subject matter experts to prepare a young person to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood and achieve his or her full potential.


The Bridge to the Future Rites of Passage is a program delivered through activities and experiences that help youth develop positive peer groups, a strong sense of self, self-esteem, future aspirations and engagement in school and community activities.

The program combines group discussions, community outings, fun, and development of friendships, lifestyle skills, spirituality, budgeting, career awareness, and cultural awareness fostering happy, healthy outcomes.

Program tuition is $150.00 and includes all program materials, field trip fees, transportation and formal attire for the culminating graduation ceremony.  Full and partial scholarships are available.

Monthly Workshop Topics

    Learn about the value of money, importance of investing and how to open bank accounts. They also learn about job career opportunities.

    Practice writing and presenting both formal and informal speeches.

    Examine and use several time management tools including “To Do” lists and personal calendars associated with their daily lives.

    Participants gain a better understanding of the value of volunteerism and the responsibility to give back to the community.

    Develop an understanding of the team concept and the benefits of teamwork.

    To build self-awareness, instill confidence, and provide tools to assist students in working with others to accomplish their goals.

    Build social grace and to develop an awareness of the importance of physical, spiritual, and nutritional fitness. Students learn the benefits of leading a healthy life and practice performing physical exercises.
Jannie Kinsey-Goods

Jannie Kinsey-Goods, Global Human Resources/Chief People Officer, has in-depth experience developing and leading global business teams.  She is a trusted and enthusiastic HR executive who manages HR solutions and strategic company initiatives for private and start-up companies.  In her spare time, she enjoys her family, community service, and travel.  Her motto is “Failure is not an option”.

As an ROP alum and founding charter member, I have been involved with ROP in many different ways.  I recalled the first planning meetings and hoping we could bring our vision to reality.  20+ years later, this initiative is still going strong and impacting the lives of young people preparing them to take on challenges in their schools, communities, personal, and professional lives.  My involvement in ROP as a young professional pushed me to explore skill sets that I had not tapped into working with a non-profit and allowed me to see the value of setting goals outside of my own personal development.  Goals that impacted the lives of my community and the next generation.  My involvement today with ROP has focused on the broader strategic processes which allowed the program, administration, and the participants to function and learn in a innovative format while maintaining the core values of the ROP program.  I highly support and recommend the ROP program to parents and the kids as these life skill training lessons create life long memories.

Jannie Kinsey-Goods